Saving lives

Combination of innovation tech wearable devices with exceptional services in occupational safety and health control

Preventing injuries

Health monitoring including full-fledge ECG and notification of hazardous conditions

Accidents prevention

Our service solution helps to detect dangerous situations and hazardous health conditions

Constant control and professional support

Our customer service team includes professionals in medicine, operational support and big data analysis

Customized service solution

We offer costumized service solution based on client occupational safety and health control requirements, needs and goals

Real-time data analysis and convenient reporting

We collect and analyse real-time data, providing user-friendly reporting with an option of corporate system integration.

Our focus is to help the companies to reduce the amount of accidents, industrial injuries, and occupational diseases to zero.

Service Company in Occupational Health and Safety

IQ-Beat AI platform with proprietary “smart” IoT t-shirts has been developed for occupational health and safety. It collects and analyses real-time health and environment data from employees occupied in hazardous working conditions. The service predicts accidents and dangerous situations and sends instant emergency alerts in order to prevent them.

  • Preventing accidents
    Notification of potential dangerous situations or health hazards

  • Health monitoring
    Our service solution helps to identify deviances in daily activities and vital functions

  • Maintaining continuous control and support
    The real-time data analysis and 24/7 customer support

Improve your occupational safety with IQ-Beat

Providing Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

IQ-Beat helps corporations to achieve high standards of occupational safety and health control, to improve sustainability perfomance and strengthen social accountability.

Building The Future, Restoring The Past

Reliable, complex and digitalized solution in occupational safety and health control

Our professional team enables us to create high tech innovation service products combining technological, medical, programming and analytical skills and expertise.

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Improving safety. Making social impact

We move in line with substainable development goals to improve our environment and save lives. Join us to make this change now.

Find our unique service solutions by telling us which features are core to occupational health and safety in you Company.