A leading service company in occupational health and safety.

Innovative service solution for occupational safety and health control

About Us

Our company was founded in February 2019 by the team of professional entrepreneurs with expertise in machine engineering, healthcare, investment, finance, and sports industries.

At this stage, we conduct several pilot projects with the largest global companies to improve the level of occupational safety and to implement the digitalization of personal protection in hazardous conditions.

Our geography is focused on Europe, Asia, and North America. We also have the capacity to expand to other regions.

Preventing accidents

Notification of potential dangerous situations or health hazards

Monitoring of health

Our service solution helps to identify deviances in daily activities and vital functions

Maintaining continuous control and support

The real-time data analysis and 24/7 customer support

Providing best occupational safety solutions

IQ-Beat helps corporations to achieve high standards of occupational safety and health control, to improve sustainability perfomance and strengthen social accountability.

Corporate sustainability
Customized solutions
Сontinuous control

About Us

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions. Find your solution
Comfortable wearable device with essential safety and health control functions

Customizing our service to the company needs

We provide service to various industries: mining, production, construction, production, transportation and many others. Each industry solution has a unique combination of safety features: starting from essential ECG-function to a number of specific sensors integrated in one comfortable wearable device.