Our Services

IQ-Beat – AI platform with proprietary “smart” IoT t-shirts has been developed for occupational safety and health. It collects and analyses real-time health and environment data from employees occupied in hazardous working conditions. The service predicts accidents and dangerous situations and sends instant emergency alerts in order to prevent them.

Our services cover various areas including following sectors:

  • Construction, Manufacturing
  • Mining, Energy
  • Transportation, Infrastructure
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Defence

We also work closely with governmental and non-profit organizations to create strategic partnership projects in public healthcare and sports.

Our wearable solution has a full-fledge ECG-function which pairs with various specific sensors fitted to each company specifications: thermometer, barometer, gas analyzer, GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. This allows us to collect a lot of data about your employees and build a variety of informative reports, such as a map of employee movements with highlighted areas of high workload.

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